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Daily Grind (cont’d) πŸ˜†

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How’s your day been today???

Well I hope that you haven’t had one as bad as mines been!! And I sincerely mean that!!! I just seem to be getting sent from pillar to post! You speak to one person, they tell you that you have to speak with so n so, so you eventually find them, and you start to mention the reason why you are trying to speak with them and then you’re passed off again to someone else, this one doesn’t hardly understand a word of English, and I don’t know a word in Chinese!!! So it gets to a bit of a stalemate because of the lack in communications! But slowly and surely we’re getting there, but it’s just taking a lot longer than I anticipated!! But us as human beings, we want everything done there and then, one thing that I think a lot of people have in common in this day and age is they don’t like to have to wait for anything!!!

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I love to bargain hunt and I'm forever at markets, car boots, events, swap meets ,auto-jumbles and everything else in between!! :) And then I thought that it might be a good idea to try and bring it to more people, like those who can't get out for whatever reasons, or there's the people who just don't know where to start! I was the same as you, not knowing what to do can be one of the most scariest things you can do!!! But I had to give it a go and I had my partner telling me and reassuring me that things will work out!! I wish I had his enthusiasm πŸ˜†
But I'd just like to take this opportunity to say thank you for just stopping by and hopefully as time goes on I'll be able to make it into a decent website, that is easy for people to use and find their way around it!!
So I hope that you have had a good visit, and seen something that you liked!! :) And you never know we might even end up having some deals/swaps etc at some point!!

Many Thanks for visiting The Swap Shop Store

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