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A blog to me is something similar to a diary, that’s the best way of describing it to someone for me! Because everyone knows what a diary is, but not so much what a blog is!!!

Basically it’s a good way of keeping your customers, as well as potential customers too, of your daily routine etc etc! And also if/when you’re working on a project, or whatever it is that you might be doing, it’s a good informative way to keep people updated on everything that you’re doing!! πŸ˜†

Burnt out ebike.
I’m glad I wasn’t sat on this bikes seat when this happened!!

So I’m pretty happy with what I’ve managed to do so far!! πŸ˜†

And one thing that I will say, and that’s they’re not as easy as they try and make out that they are! But still I’ve had some fun along the way, and more importantly is the fact that I have learnt something new and I wouldn’t be as held back as I have been in starting another website!!

I mean I’m new to all of this techi type stuff, and I’ve never in my life made a website etc!!!

I was very daunted with everything I was being told that you had lots of different things that you had to do etc etc!!

But seriously they’re a peice of cake to get a website etc up and running!!

And boy did it get me in a lot of trouble over the years when I was a young un!!! And now years later I’m still doing the same thing, I just don’t get into trouble for it now though!! πŸ˜†

It all started out when I used to watch people mess around with anything that basically had an engine in it!

Image of a burnt out ebike.

I remember one of the first bikes I ever got, and it was a Yamaha fs1e, fizzy fifties we used to call em!

And I was forever sneaking it out when I could!! And me and my little 10 or 11 year old mates would take it over onto the playing fields, and there we’d stay until either my father turned up or the police! And tbh it didn’t really matter who got there first, because you still ended up with a proper good hiding!!! It’s a bit different nowadays though to when I was a young lad!!!

But we always learned in the end that it was wrong for us to be doing what we were, and it also taught us discipline and principles etc etc!!!

And I think I got my love of things mechanical from my dad,because he was always tinkering about with something, whether it be an old petrol lawn mower or a car! And I always stood to watch him doing whatever it was that he was doing at the time!!! And now here I am with well over 30 odd years experience as a fully trained and qualified mechanic/welded, fabricator/sprayer/bodywork and much, much more!! πŸ™‚ And I’ve got a great team behind me as well, I’ve tried to cover all the basics that I could, I’m only running on a limited budget, so I have got to be pretty careful when it comes to spending! That’s why I try and do everything in house myself, because it will work out cheaper in the long run!!! And you’ll have to excuse me if I make a bit of a mess with this site to start with, as I’ve never done anything like this before!!! I’d rather be building an engine or something than be doing this sort of thing!! πŸ™‚ Give me an greasy old lump of metal and I’m as happy as a pig in s**t!! πŸ™‚ If I haven’t got oil and grease on my hands etc then there’s something wrong!!!! πŸ™‚ And it’s a good job that I’ve got a very understanding missus of 27 years too! Who’s had the pleasure of having to put up with me and my craziness for over a quarter of a century!!!! Now it sounds like a lot when you put it that way, well more than it does just saying 27 years, don’t you think??? Or is it just me??? πŸ™‚ We’ve got 2 grown up boys, the eldest went straight into the army from leaving school, obviously he was only 16 so we had to sign for him to be allowed! Then one day in he walks saying that he wanted to go to what they call “The Army Foundation College”, and he went on to explain to us that it was a place for young under 18’s to go and spend time there to make sure that it’s something that they really want to do! And you have to stay there for a minimum of 12 months, and then if you’re still there at the end of it all then you pass out, just the same as the regular army! Just because these kids are between the ages of 16 and 18 doesn’t mean that they have it easy, because they don’t, believe me I’ve seen how they treat em with my own two eyes!!! So you’ve got to be pretty tough to cope with it all!!!! Well I never thought that my lad would last it out, but he did! πŸ™‚ I always thought that he’d end up like me, being,motor mad!! But they don’t interest him at all, when I was racing myself I’d take him with me and it was just never his thing, which is fair enough!!

Image of a burnt out ebike.

Well what we’re trying to do is……

Make the Ebikes more easily obtainable for the every day type of person!! Because at the moment the vast majority of ebikes cost an absolute fortune to buy, even 2nd hand ones are a little fortune too!!! So I thought why not get one of your own and see what all the fuss is about these bikes! Well I’ll tell you one thing, it surprised the hell out of me!!! The power is amaxing for what they are, and it’s instant power!! No waiting around for it to build up etc, it’s just there straight away!!! And the torque is too!!! There’s one thing that I really, really do not like on the ebikes, and that’s the batteries!!!!! They’re either too heavy and in the wrong place/position altogether!! Too big aswell and no matter what I don’t think that they think of things like this when they’re first designing them!!

Look at it like this: you’ve got the great big, heavy battery pack on a luggage type rack behind the seat, which obviously takes weight from the front and puts it to the back, which is okay(ish) if the motor’s on the rear wheel, because you’ll get a lot more traction! But the thing that I don’t think anyone really took into consideration was the plain and simple fact that the weight at the rear causes the front to have some of its own weight made slightly lighter, just by the simple fact of the weight being more at the back than the front!!! So therefore it makes the steering a bit too light, I like to be able to feel the road underneath me and through my hands etc etc!! Also I don’t think anyone thought of the traction at the front end of the bike neither!! A place where you really do need it!! Or you’ll turn to go round a corner or something and it’ll just carry on going straight ahead instead of turning!!! There’s not enough weight evenly distributed throughout the whole of the bike, and that’s one of the main problems!!! So I’ve come up with a way of hiding the batteries within the frame of them, it would solve most problems that ebikes suffer with!! Plus the added bonus that nobody would be able to pinch your batteries!!! Apparantly there’s a lot of that kind of thing happening because of the price that these batteries bring on the black market!!! But my way they could’nt do that, and another point regarding the batteries thing is, you would’nt have to replace the full battery unit, you can easily find which cell is knackered and just easily replace the cell or cells individually!!! Which would save people a small fortune in the long run!! a full battery pack can be anything from a few hundred quid, right upto nearly a grand, depending on bike etc! Whereas a cell costs maybe five to ten quid each, so you can easily see the differences in prices can’t you??

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Picture of our shop dog " Bruno ".

Well, without further ado, what we’re trying to do is combine a hobby/passion of mine into a reality!!! πŸ˜† Not as easy as I expected it to be, but when is it ever?? πŸ˜† I’m nearly half a century old , and in that time I’ve managed to accumulate quite a few things!! Things of all different types, from coins to cars, to trucks and trailers etc etc etc!!!; πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

I seem to go through these mad phases were I’ll just start to buy things because I like the look of it, or whatever the reason is!!!! And sometimes it can go on for a few weeks, and then other times it’s lasted for months and months!!! And I’ve got that much stuff now that it’s starting to get out of hand, so we came up with this idea; instead of going to markets and car boots etc, then why not bring the people to us, because you’d never get a vehicle big enough to get my stuff in to take it to a market, or wherever??!! This is perfect for me doing it this way, because once I have got the site and everything else up and running properly, then as things begin to sell, (touch wood), that they do!!!! πŸ˜† I can carry on doing what I love to do, without getting yelled and balled at for bringing more stuff back to the house with me, it’s the only place I can bring it to now!!! The warehouse is full to the rafters, my yard and sheds are full to the brim, and the attic!!! You’re lucky if you can get up there now!! The spare room, or my man cave, that’s what it was at one time, are all full too, and I’ve filled the dining room, and I’ve now started to encroach into the kitchen!!! Even I have to admit that the missus is right as far as having stuff in the dining room and the kitchen is concerned!!! So I’m trying to make the kitchen mainly my first priority, and then I can get on with the dining room! At least this way of doing it, the missus gets her kitchen and dining room back, and it’ll keep her happy for a bit!! πŸ˜† So once I’ve got the 2 bikes I’m doing now done, I can put em away bcoz they’ll be finished! Which creates enough room in the dining room for me to finish off in there, whilst at the same time the missus has got her kitchen back!!! πŸ˜† And I know that she’ll be as happy as a pig in the manure pile!! πŸ˜† So if she’s happy, then I’m happy!! πŸ˜†

And I guarantee that you’re still thinking to yourself, well where’s this explanation that they’ve been going on about as if it’s some earth shattering news or sumat!! It’s not, it’s just this: as you’re aware now that I’ve been a professional mechanic for over 30 years, and during all of that time I’ve picked up plenty of other talents along the way! πŸ˜† I’m what people call “a bit of a jack of all trades”, and I pick things up very quickly toon!! Once I’ve seen something done once or twice, then I can usually put my hand to it myself!!! Now I’m not trying to say that I’ve watched someone weld a couple of times and I was up and doing it myself like a professional or something of that nature!! But I am pretty good at it to say that I’ve taught myself from watching others doing it, and asking them questions if I didn’t understand whatever it was that they might have been doing at the time!!! But I’ve always been a firm believer that if you want to learn something, and you don’t know what the best way to go about it is, it’s to Ask!!!! “NEVER, EVER” be afraid or scared to ask someone, anyone, whatever it is you wanna know, especially for something to better yourself for aswell!!! πŸ˜† The worst thing that anyone can do to you is to basically tell you to f-off!!! And so what if they do, who cares, there’s always someone out there that will be willing to share their experiences of what they do know and help you out!!! πŸ˜† πŸ˜† There might not be many of us left nowadays, but you do come across them from time to time, they’ll always give you a helping hand if they can!!! And that’s the difference in this day and age, people just don’t seem to care about anything/anyone apart from usually it’s first themselves and then it’s their pockets!!! And all the rest of the things in their lives tends to go on the back burner!!! And this is just my opinion on how I see things, and not what Peter or Paul see!!!

I think I was born in the wrong era!!! Because I’m a very old skool type of gentleman, and I say that because of everything I see on a daily basis! People are very unmoralised, if that is actually a word or not, I don’t know!! πŸ˜† But hopefully you’ll get what I mean πŸ˜† And everyone always seem to be in a rush to get to places, you couldn’t leave your doors unlocked nowadays can you eh?? But go back about 15 to 20 years ago and you could do in those days!!! So what’s changed for us to have gone from then to now!!?? I put it down to the majority of people not having any decent morals and principles, not like they used to have!!!!!

I do hope that I have explained it good enough for you to be able to understand and get what I mean!? πŸ˜†πŸ˜† But if you would like more information, or there’s something you don’t quite get, then feel free to hit the button below us and we’ll get you in the picture!! And as time goes on and we all get to know each other a bit better, things will soon come to light, and especially as we get things running properly we’ll be introducing other new stuff aswell!! πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

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Random image


Massive remote control aeroplane!!

This gigantic aeroplane runs off a fairly large nitro engine, but I wouldn’t like to be the one that has to land it!! πŸ˜† You can either just buy the plane on it’s own, or you can buy it with everything that you’ll need, and more!!! Like all the remote controlling gear, with spare sets aswell!! There’s also a spare engine with it, if you are wanting to take the whole kit and kaboogle!!! πŸ™‚ And as you know, we are the “Swap Shop Store”, so obviously I’m always up for a swap, or some sort of trade, and I don’t mind if there’s a bit of cash going either way!! πŸ™‚


I’m not sure if you will be able to see the wheel spinning in the pictures I’ve taken, but I tried my best, and the next lot of pictures might give you a better look of it! πŸ˜† So these ones are just showing you it set up and you can see it’s got the power with the red lights on!

Definitely need to start using some videos in my posts, at least then you’d be able to see the wheel spinning up!!! And it works really well indeed πŸ˜† which I’m happy as Larry about! So now I’m in a bit of a dilemma; I can’t decide whether to do the fenetic I’ve just taken this motor from, and put it in a bike that I’ve had for quite some time now! It’s an old and rare Sakurai bike!! πŸ˜†πŸ˜† I was going to keep it all original, but at the end of the day what harm am I doing to it by making it a bit better, more modern on the technology front etc?? So I think if I can get the motor to fit without too much hassle then I reckon on that’s what I’ll do!! But only time will tell eh?? πŸ˜†

This is the motor that I’m gonna be putting on the old Sakurai πŸ˜† And the sofa, well that’s for me when I’m knackered and the cushions say the rest for me! πŸ˜†

Daily Grind (cont’d) πŸ˜†

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How’s your day been today???

Well I hope that you haven’t had one as bad as mines been!! And I sincerely mean that!!! I just seem to be getting sent from pillar to post! You speak to one person, they tell you that you have to speak with so n so, so you eventually find them, and you start to mention the reason why you are trying to speak with them and then you’re passed off again to someone else, this one doesn’t hardly understand a word of English, and I don’t know a word in Chinese!!! So it gets to a bit of a stalemate because of the lack in communications! But slowly and surely we’re getting there, but it’s just taking a lot longer than I anticipated!! But us as human beings, we want everything done there and then, one thing that I think a lot of people have in common in this day and age is they don’t like to have to wait for anything!!!

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Glad it wasn’t me riding this when this happened, talk about a hoy bum!!

From the quick look that I’ve just had of it, it looks like the battery compartment has set on fire first, more than likely through an electrical short circuit somewhere inside the battery box!!! I’ll try and diagnose the cause of it when I get it all stripped down!! πŸ˜†

This one came to us a good few weeks ago now, but I just haven’t had any time to do anything with it, in fact this is the first time that I’ve actually looked at it closely!! But it does look worse than it is! πŸ˜†

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Image of a burnt out ebike.
It’s really well melted the plastics away, but everything else looks like it might be salvageable!!

I took the compartment cover off, the one were the controller sits inside! And there doesn’t seem to be any sort of damage in there! So that’ll be a bit of good luck if it hasn’t touched any of I!!! πŸ˜† I’ve nearly got the battery etc out of the frame, it’s being a bit of a sod to get it released because of all the melted plastic still holding it to the frame!! 😠😠

Controller compartment seems to have faired pretty good, considering the amount of heat that will have been coming from it!

Well later on today, coz it’s now 04.38am and I’ll soon be getting myself off to bed, as all of this is starting to catch up with me a bit now!! So I reckon that I have a few early nights so that I can re-charge my own batteries!! Lol!! πŸ˜† 😴😴😴

I managed to get the majority of the bike stripped down in between doing other things I had to do today, and I’ve removed the motor so I can check and test it out. Make sure that everything is good with it! But I’ll keep you all updated and informed of the progess with it!!!


And also it might hopefully help some of you out there to be able to do some certain jobs on your own, after you have been following us for a while and seeing what it is that I’ve been doing!!! And I’m gonna start to use videos instead of pictures, bcoz there’s a lot of stuff that you will be missing whilst I’m using pictures and text!! So I’ve got to get some software so that I can run it pre-recorded, or if I want to I can run it live!!! πŸ˜†

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