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CategoryCar’s and their good and bad!!


So far today it’s been a bit of a hectic one, I’ve had to go and view the new premises that we’re taking on, I’ve nearly finished welding the exhaust system on the Kwak!!! 😆

I’ve also got everything I need ready to do the Audi for the missus, she wants an amp, speakers and a sub fitting, and they’re a real pain in the backside to do em!! And it’s only Audi that are like this to put a different music system in, they have these half amps and full amps etc etc!! So I’m not reallylooking forward to doing it but I have no choice, unless I’m wanting earache all week! Oh and I’ve also got to make her an hard pipe kit out of steel for the intercooler as I’m replacing the stock one with sumat a bit bigger! 😆

And in between all of this, I’ve got to be doing the website, amongst other things!! But it’s all good tho 😆

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