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7.25am and I have finally got round to getting myself to bed!!

Well as I just said that I’ve just got to bed now, so I’m in for a good rollocking from the missus later on today when I eventually crawl out of bed!

But it’s what you have got to do sometimes, especially when you’re trying to establish whether or not you have got a viable business venture!!!


Well I was still writing, and sending emails out gome 4.30am!!!

This is how badly I want to get this done, but done properly and with the correct types of materials, that are put together by qualified people who know what they’re doing! And I’m forever thinking safety, safety, safety!!! Because not only do you want to be enjoying your ride out with the kids, or a fast paced ride etc, you also want to know that your bike couldn’t have been made any better, by anyone!!! And with all this in mind, I know that as long as things are done the way that they should be, then I know I don’t have anything to worry about on that side!! Just got the rest of it to try and get sorted out in time for the official opening day 😆 And there’s a lot to get done!

So this was just a quicky posting, so that you know I’ve not given up on anything, and I’m actually trying to do something different for people and without it having to cost the earth!!!!

Keep your eyes open for my next blog post, and fingers crossed it’ll be a better one than this one!! 😆

Thanks for taking your time out to read my posts, it helps to give you that “You’ve done a good job there!”impression, and I get a little buzz from it, so thank you 😆


I’m not gonna keep carrying on about the same thing time and time again, saying that it’s just like a diary!!!

So today has been an eventful one! I’ve been sat at the laptop all day long, sending emails after emails after emails!!!! And they’re all going to the large manufactoring companies in China and other Asian countries, trying to find the right one for our needs, which is quality, quality and more quality!! 😆 And obviously then there’s the cost of what it’ll end up being for our customers!! Because yeah we could easily buy the cheap, not so well made etc etc, but we aren’t like that!! We want people to be getting exactly what they have paid for, and not sumat that’ll break within the first 50 miles of riding it!!!!

So that’s definitely one thing that you can be rest assured of, and that’s;

“We would never, ever let a bike out of our shop unless it meets my own standards!! And believe me, they are pretty high ones!!”

Safety is a must as far as we’re concerned, in fact it ranks on up there with the likes of my own standards!! I’m just very passionate about what I do, and I like everything to be where it should be etc etc! So if that’s a bad thing, then I’m guilty of it for sure!!!! 😆


So far today it’s been a bit of a hectic one, I’ve had to go and view the new premises that we’re taking on, I’ve nearly finished welding the exhaust system on the Kwak!!! 😆

I’ve also got everything I need ready to do the Audi for the missus, she wants an amp, speakers and a sub fitting, and they’re a real pain in the backside to do em!! And it’s only Audi that are like this to put a different music system in, they have these half amps and full amps etc etc!! So I’m not reallylooking forward to doing it but I have no choice, unless I’m wanting earache all week! Oh and I’ve also got to make her an hard pipe kit out of steel for the intercooler as I’m replacing the stock one with sumat a bit bigger! 😆

And in between all of this, I’ve got to be doing the website, amongst other things!! But it’s all good tho 😆

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